Monarch Salon and Spa

COVID-19 Procedures

We have spent the past few days reviewing the guidelines laid forth by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing and The Badger Bounce Back Program to make modifications to the salon and our service practices, in order to better ensure the health and safety of all of you and ourselves. We ask for your patience as we all adapt to these new regulations. So, what does all of this mean for you?

  • If you had an appointment scheduled between March 21st and May 26th, or asked us to add you to our appointment list, you will be contacted directly by your service provider to reschedule your appointment. Please respond quickly as we will be working through a list and can only ‘hold’ spots for a short period of time.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about what has happened to your hair during quarantine. (got some crooked bangs? box color retouch? Kitchen highlights? Be honest! We understand and are not here to judge!) We need to schedule our appointments carefully to limit wait times and give ample time for our extra sanitation practices. So, now more than ever, please don’t surprise us with your box color touch up. Just let us know what to expect when we see you and understand that changing color is not as simple as it seems and may require additional time and charges. Also, a normal color retouch is with 4-6 weeks outgrowth. Longer roots require more time and product and may slightly increase your service cost. 
  •  When you arrive for your appointment, Please wait in your car and give the front desk a call to let us know you are there. They will let you know when your stylist is ready for you to enter. Only the person receiving a service may enter the building. If you are making an appointment for a child, it must be separate from your own. The child may not be waiting while you receive your service as well. 
  • Ask your stylist to pull products from the retail area for you, we can only keep those areas clean if we can control the contact.
  • Our stylists will be wearing masks at all times and gloves for most services. We encourage clients to also wear masks if they feel comfortable doing so. Your stylist will instruct you when to remove it or bring the elastic down in order for them to properly perform your service. 
  • As you know, we were closed for over 8 weeks! Unfortunately, the expenses didn’t stop and with the new regulations, there are even more expenses required for reopening and the foreseeable future. We’ve had to make adjustments to our business model in order to keep Monarch Salon alive now, and in the future. Most services have seen a small increase in cost, no more than $3. Your stylist can provide a specific quote during your scheduling consultation, if you’d like to know the exact cost of your service. 

We would also like everyone to keep in mind that Safer At Home was simply to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is by no means gone. We are not suddenly safer because the shut down has been lifted. With that in mind, please cancel your appointment if you aren’t feeling well (we wont charge you for missing it) and let us know, should you become ill after your visit with us. 

If you did not have an appointment scheduled and are not on our appointment list, please give us a call and we will get you in as soon as we can. 

We’re all in this together! Let’s be responsible and keep each other safe to help ensure our continued freedoms and health.

We have missed you so much and can’t wait to see you!
– Your Monarch Salon and Spa Team